Arlene Littler.jpg
Arlene Littler
Gibsons, British Columbia
Digital collage
Instagram: @arlene_littler
Artist statement:
After a lengthy career as a freelance photographer/graphic designer my interest in photo manipulation became my passion. I would experiment with different films stocks, such as infra-red and Polaroid films. Then taking the polaroids to create an Emulsion Transfers image.

Looking for the new ‘altering’ image techniques, I moved into digital collage. This method gave me a wealth of manipulation tools to create those one of a kind images I so truly desired. This work has evolved into an array of products namely, greeting cards, colorful one of a kind memory collage books, and mixed media collages on canvas.

My work has been seen over the years in various exhibitions in Vancouver, Seattle and the Sunshine Coast.
Ginger Sedlarova.jpg
Ginger Sedlarova
Burnaby, British Columbia
Digital collage, mixed media collage

Instagram: @gingersedlarova
Artist statement:
 I consider myself both a collage artist and a storyteller. Sometimes my work is a short story, sometimes it’s a novel. But it’s always surreal, full of colors and shapes and observations about the absurdity of daily life.
My practice grew from my love of making photo collages in my former career as a graphic artist, designer and photo editor on daily newspapers in Vancouver and on magazines in Central Europe – only now I do this by hand, using my own photos combined with historical images and paper in a dreamlike form of narrative. The ability to layer images with colors and textures, historical maps, newsprint and found items inspires me to create multi-layered landscapes of both fiction and history. I love to work with the bizarre, the comical, the outlandish – while working, I always keep the words of an artist who inspires me, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, in the back of my mind: “You can do anything. Nothing is forbidden.”
My work has appeared in galleries and online shows in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.