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Nicole Holloway.jpg
Nicole Holloway
Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Analog and Mixed media collage
Instagram: @hollowhillstudio
Artist statement:

To me, collage is a way to explore new ideas. The process of blending images is a way for me to explore the past, and to discover how we can learn from history for future development. My collages examine the effects and emotions of the past and the possibilities of what may be.

Inspiration comes from many places for me as an artist. My main source of inspiration often comes from my full time career in an academic library. I am drawn to the idea of cross collaboration between academic disciplines. Combining art with history, science, mathematics and the study of humanities is a way for me to research potential answers to current issues in our society.

I work in both digital and analog collage, as each medium provides opportunities and challenges. Digital gives me control over manipulation, and a greater range of images and possibilities. Analog collage allows me to venture away from two dimensional work and incorporate found objects into my art. It forces me to work within the physical constraints of what is available, which often leads to creative problem solving.

Margaret Ryall.jpg
Margaret Ryall
St. Johns/Duntara, Newfoundland
Analog, assemblage and Mixed media collage
Instagram: @margaretryall
Artist statement:

I find beauty  in the ordinary, and use a variety of media to draw attention to overlooked and discarded objects and materials. Collapsed buildings, peeling wallpaper, and broken objects are elevated in my compositions  by singling out  simple remnants of past history and embedding them in new and often elegant environments.   Texture, colour, materiality and structure dominate. This process of selection is akin to writing a poem where every choice counts. The elimination of the unnecessary produces works that are as much about what isn't there as what is.  As my work becomes more structural, I recognize my life long interest in architecture and design  affects the forms I create. 

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