Rhonda Barrett
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Analog and mixed media collages 

Website: www.littlebitsofpaperbigart.com
Instagram: @littlebitsofpaperbigart
Artist statement:
Influenced by a waste-not-want-not upbringing, I urge you to ‘make do’ with the newspapers I use to create fine art collages with a chigiri-e technique and wabi-sabi aesthetic. With consideration of the amount of trees cut daily to produce newspaper, and the low-value product it creates, it is my mission to elevate this lowly product to match the stature of the trees by slowly layering little bits of paper into big art. It is a conversation about human consumption, being frugal, and ultimately our greed.
My up-cycled art attempts to bring value back to the trees used to create it and celebrates life in all its forms.
Flavia Mauricio.jpg
Flávia De Seta Maurício aka Flávia Maurício
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Analog and mixed media collages 

Instagram: @flavia.smauricioartes
Artist statement:

I have a Degree in Painting and Teaching in Fine Arts (University of Pelotas/Brazil), and for many years I worked with acrylic painting and pottery as my primary form of artistic expression. Since 2019, I've been exploring the language of collage and assemblage. I have been working with analog collage and its combination with a mixedmedia as drawing and sometimes painting.

In my collages I have explored the universe of the body from compositions that refer to the relationship with other bodies, objects and words; in short, with the crossings of our environment and everyday (in)visibilities. Through fragments of images, texts, words, lines sewn on the images and the incorporation of other everyday objects, I seek to promote a displacement of our usual perceptions and reflect on the delicate thread of life. Moreover, I intend to reveal my search for other possible meanings and corporeality, affections and entanglements. I think collage has this power of displacement and resignification.

In my creation process I consider fundamental the relationship of dialogue and intimacy with the materials I work with. It is from this intimacy that my imagination and what the body of matter wants to be become one.

Cheryl MacDonald.jpg
Cheryl MacDonald
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Analog and mixed media collages 

Website: https://linktr.ee/CherylMacDonald
Instagram: @cheryljmacdonald_creative
Artist statement:

Originally from Halifax, Cheryl began her creative career in Los Angeles with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. Working in studio wardrobe and costume houses was her passion for many years until returning home in 2013. She has since coordinated and facilitated visual art and craft programming for art councils, community centers, and mental health organizations. 

Collage became her focus during covid-19, appreciating the spontaneous creative play. Send-A-Smile Mail Art is a new project as well as getting collage workshops up and running again in her community.

liam ross.png
Liam Ross
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Digital collage 

Website: https://visualarts.ns.ca/artist-pages/liam-ross/
Instagram: @vendingmachinefanclub
Artist statement:

Liam Ross works with collage to develop compositions that explore tension, ambiguity, and contradiction. Informed by his experience with psychosis, his research-based practice aims to dissect notions of reality and fantasy, and question what we do to maintain a sense of either. He lives and works in Nova Scotia.