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Caroline Rochon-Gruselle.JPG
Caroline Rochon-Gruselle (CRG)
Montréal, Quebec
Analog collage and mixed media
Instagram: @carriethebeat
Artist statement: My works are abstract collages using washi (Japanese paper) and different papers, such as fashion magazine cut-out images. I use both colour, form and negative space to explore the mystery of space and the possibilities of colour and forms. Combining washi and modern images, I seek to create the dreamlike, surreal and bizarre. I let my intuition guide my process of cutting, tearing and pasting, creating a unique effect and composition. I enjoy the tactile experience of working with different papers and textures, in this way, it is similar to a potter’s work, where the creative process is directly hands-on. I tend to work vertically, and layering is a part of my collages. I also use line and symbolism in my creations. I strive to represent how the figurative and abstract collide and how they shape our unconscious and conscious mind. I seek to escape the conventional and aim to demonstrate that imagination is boundless, hoping to spark others’ imagination and inspire. 
Virginie Maltais.jpg
Virginie Maltais
Montréal, Quebec
Analog collage and mixed media
Instagram: @virginiemaltais_mtl
Artist statement: 
Virginie Maltais creates dreamlike collages with intuitive strokes. The artist expresses herself by assembling papers in straight cuts and deliberate rips, combining that with mixed media like oil pastels, dry pastels, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and pen.

In that complex and intriguing space where creation is limiteless, Maltais blends a variety of textures and techniques to create unique works of self-expression. Oil pastels sometimes feature solid colour fill or are sometimes scratched; in the painting space, the artist applies the linocut technique; melt and blur; creating fluid, yin-like strokes with the help of a fan brush.

Each art piece reveals a universe that comes alive using spontaneous color palettes. Maltais’ visual language is expressed symbolically through sensuous body expressions, vortex, thought-provoking glances, and hands that seemingly talk through their evocative gestures. For the artist, each artwork represents a dance between the traits of strength and softness; where fluidity and Nature seamlessly come together. Through her work, the artist gives her
audience an intimate glance into her world where it is possible to get lost and find oneself at the same time…
Sylvie Lajoie.jpg
Sylvie Lajoie
Montréal, Quebec
Analog collage and mixed media
Instagram: @syvielajoieart
Artist statement: 

"Drawing on wire" was born out of an interest in photos of families sleeping in old albums. Photos from a time when these were taken at family gatherings, important life events. These photos are not commonplace. It must be remembered that at that time photography was in the midst of democratization. They demonstrated a certain desire to perpetuate the memory of the protagonists.


It is precisely this gesture of memory that I repeat here via a paper-embroidered approach. 

In the photos, the paper came to integrate with the works and the trio "photo, thread and paper" is an integral part of my current work. 


My "drawings on wire" have a narrative role, demonstrating my willingness to communicate with the public. It becomes the "wire" between the viewer and myself.

Z L. Raymond
Montréal, Quebec
Analog collage and mixed media
Instagram: @zlraymondart
Artist statement: 

The kingdom of the eye is being invaded and tiled over with delinearized mythmaking apparati. Consciously picking and curating from the material subset of these images is a personal act in the face of ruthless de- and re-individualizing cybernetic flows. Z L. Raymond aims to undermine the impersonal nature of contemporary media by creating intimate scenes out of materials whose proper context is one of blind distance. The work is grounded in the surrealist hope that collage can uncover personal truth through the mindful juxtaposition of dissimilar images, and the initial selection of stoicheia is drawn from astronomy and architecture books, fashion magazines and newspaper.

Their current art practice focuses on exploring collage as a virtual container for poetry rather than a purely visual art form.

Elaine Fafard-.jpg
Elaine Farfard-Marconi
Joliette, Quebec
Analog and digital collage
Instagram: @elaine.avec.un.y
Artist statement:

Illusions light me up and impress me

Closing the loop

What comes will go away. What starts will come back

Sweet dancing pain

Being like paper

Window open

Big moon

Living in my seasons

There's my breathing in between

I imagine, I listen, I observe

Kali and other plants that wanted to become flowers


Now variable, I give


Open an image

Persevere, repeat

Questions to illustrate

Ritual in reflection

Suzanne and her chromatic secrets

You're a mirror

Unite destruction - transition - transformation

Living in this very long passage

White sky, the height and width of a color approaching it

X (being)


Living areas

Sylvie Plante.jpg
Sylvie Plante
Calixa-Lavallée, Quebec
Mixed media and assemblage
Instagram: @sylvieplante.artiste
Artist statement: 

My artistic approach is inspired by the techniques of art print and drawing and aims to reuse, via collage, fragments and samples chosen from my previous productions in order to give them a second life: photocopies, rejects and debris, old photos of works, press articles, sketches, drawings, studies, experiments and offcuts of monotypes, which were produced inside my various exploration sites.

Through this series, entitled "A bestiary in the head", the woman that I am finds herself personified in the work and becomes the factor of attraction which comes to crystallize the many animal autocitations highlighted around her. However, the figurative and plausible representation of the Femina plays a secondary role, as the central place is occupied by the representation of the bestiary which is presented by the icons, drawings and illustrations which depict the omnipresence of animals in orbit around her, around me and obsess me.

Virginie Lagauche.jpeg
Virginie Lagauche (Vlag)
Montreal, Quebec
Mixed media, analog and assemblage
Instagram: @vlag_2.0
Artist statement: 

Multidisciplinary artist, it is in a space of complete freedom outside judgment, that I explore surrealist universes, I approach collage work in an intuitive and spontaneous way, the tactile pleasure of handling and assembling scraps to unlikely combinations allowing the material to communicate in a natural way.

Mad Collage.jpg
Mad Collage
Montreal, Quebec (Madrid, Spain and Vermont, USA)
Analog collage
Instagram: @
Artist statement: 

My collages are like the confluence of two rivers: memory and imagination. They blend into each other to create something new. I love this process and I try to nurture it daily.

Genevieve Chausse.png
Geneviève Chaussé
Rawdon, Quebec
Analog, digital and mixed media collage
Instagram: @genevieve_chausse_collages
Artist statement: 

At some point in my life, I was introduced to mail art. From that moment on, my artistic expression developed on a daily basis where the collage technique was revealing. In my opinion, this technique is the most representative of the artist that I am and it’s this technique that prevails in my current artistic approach as a multidisciplinary visual artist. I am a great lover of life and I am solicited by the intelligence of my heart, by the nature that surrounds me and all it’s beauty; anything that transcends my energy, my soul, my spirituality. I always hope to offer a visual that provides good vibes only and light to the contemplative soul, as I experience it myself. My creations are generally taken from a visionary and symbolic place of art where dreams, reality and true feelings come together perfectly, where the expression of my surrealist imagination coexists. More than often used, digital collage is more instinctive, fast and greatly facilitates it’s execution. It is perfect to keep the spark in the present moment alive by offering me an almost immediate realization...without all the parts to cut, I am able to only focus on the positioning of the elements.

Saint-Colomban, Quebec
Analog collage
Instagram: @le.rockolleur
Artist statement: 

Collage has always been an original way for me to share my art. I'm passionate about photography, so collage allows me to use a combination of images to create the perfect piece. I'd rather use a pair of scissors and some good old-fashioned sticky glue to put together the perfect collage.

Stéphanie Filion.jpg
Stéphanie Filion
Montreal, Quebec
Analog and Mixed media collage
Instagram: @labopapier
Artist statement:

For more than ten years, my work has revolved around the multiple facets of feminity, daily life, memory and nostalgia, mourning. The forms I have used to visit these themes are varied: notebook, short story, novel, poetry, collage, cyanotype. I prefer to work with analog collage techniques, to which I add gold leaf, photography, embroidery, cut-up poetry, etc. The work of assembly specific to collage joins my work of poetry: words and images being materials that I extract from their context to tell stories and by doing so, reinvent everyday life.

Manon Gemme.jpg
Manon Gemme
Montreal, Quebec
Analog, Digital and Mixed media collage
Artist statement:

I have been doing collage since 2004 and I have been a SoulCollage facilitator since 2019.

I did analog, digital, mixed media collages but I love to cut and paste paper!  

My favorites themes are myths, archetypes and astrology.  For me, art and spirituality go together!  

Caro St-louis.jpg
Caro St-louis
Montreal, Quebec
Analog collage
Instagram: @anarcollages
Artist statement:

In an era where everything is digital, fast and productive, analog collage is a powerful political tool. The art of cutting, reinventing stories and gluing by hand, is part of an anti-capitalist approach due to its slowness, its deconstruction of social norms and its imperfection. In addition to being all handmade and embellishing marginalized existences, my project with anarcollages wishes to give plasticity to environmental anxieties, to difference, to love as well as to the struggles of the intimate and the collective.

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