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Deborah Danelley.jpg
Deborah Danelley
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Analog, assemblage and mixed media collages 


Artist Statement:

Working with collage/assemblage for well over 20 years, it’s been a journey! Currently I shift between collage using torn/cut pages from magazines and found papers, to my main focus which is what I like to call Book Collage or Assemblage, depending on the amount of dimensionality in the piece. Vintage books are carefully and thoroughly dissected for material, and it is often during this gathering stage that a ‘trigger’ fragment is found. That first fragment then leads to the playful yet sometimes agonizing stage of composition and editing. Finally when all seems right, the gluing begins as layers are taken apart and then reassembled hopefully in the same intended configuration! Some of my works certainly may suggest a narrative but more than often it is the experience that a viewer brings to a piece that excites me. I really like to work in the moment and allow whatever is going on in or around me personally or globally, to seep into the work.
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